Thursday, 8 March 2018

Revolutionary findings: Vitamin B3 prevents miscarriage and birth defects

Australian study undertaken at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute has identified a

new cause and a way to prevent miscarriages and birth defects; Vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 is located in meats, leafy green vegetables, and Vegemite.
Lead researcher Professor Sally Dunwoodie says that this is the biggest news since folic acid was identified as a preventative of neural tube birth defects and spina bifida in babies.
"Some 15,000 women in Australia every year have a child with a birth defect or they suffer from multiple miscarriages. This discovery brings hope to many of those women", Professor Sally Dunwoodie.
After the dietary change, both the miscarriages and birth defects were completely prevented, with all offspring born healthy. 
Using high technology, researchers looked for gene variants in families that had experienced multiple congenital malformations and identified the gene mutation that caused a deficiency and crippled the growth of the embryo leading to miscarriage and birth defects in mice engineered with the same gene mutations as the study participants.
The deficiency was cured through the supplementation of Vitamin B3 completely preventing miscarriages and birth defects, with all offspring born healthy. "The science is not simple and it took 12 years but the beauty is the simplicity of the prevention, it's cheap and it's available," said Prof. Sally Dunwoodie.
An estimated 7.9 million babies are born with significant congenital malformations globally each year and roughly one in four women will have at least one miscarriage.
The study findings are published in the New England Journal of Medicine and expected to revolutionize the way we look at nutrition and its role in health and wellbeing.

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